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Movement Training

Training as a Rosen Method Movement Teacher is available through a 125- hour program, plus an internship. This program is approved by the California Board of Private and Postsecondary Vocational Education.

Continuing education units (CEUs) are available for nurses, LCSWs and MFTs, massage therapists, and for Rosen practitioners.

Students who complete this program learn the underlying theory and structure of Rosen Method movement classes and they will gain the following abilities:

  • To see and understand anatomic relationships in the body.
  • To allow ease and pleasure in movement
  • To observe people moving, analyze movement patterns, and guide students to unrecognized potential
  • To use recorded music and rhythm to support, inspire and expand movement possibilities.

The path to becoming a Rosen Method Movement teacher is one of personal growth, a process of “getting” the movements in your body and being with the emotions that arise as you connect with your inner truth.  Each training day will begin with a full hour movement class. Students will learn the underlying theory and structure of Rosen Movement and put the theory into action with practice-teaching and giving and receiving constructive feedback. We will explore the movements in depth using various tools, such as anatomy lessons, partner work and body readings.  The learning process will be supported with Rosen sharing circles to allow expression of new discoveries and unfolding.

The instructors will tailor the training to guide each student to work with their physical and emotional edges. Come join us in creating a safe and intimate environment where aliveness, joy, and transformation happen!

We will be following pandemic guidelines for in-person trainings: all students need to be fully vaccinated, wearing masks, hand washing and social distancing when possible.  We will give further guidelines to class participants regarding protocol for safety measures when distancing is not possible for the practice of Rosen Method.