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Bodywork Training

Training as a Rosen Method bodywork practitioner is available through a 262-hour program, plus an internship. This program is approved as a vocational training by the California Board of Private Post-secondary and Vocational Education.

Our courses use the power of touch, words and awareness to discover the body’s wisdom.  They are designed for people who want a fuller connection with their bodies and for students working toward certification as Rosen Method bodywork practitioners.  Students will develop unique skills in working with patterns of muscle tension, in somatic perception and in open listening.  Something shifts when we dare to turn toward the feelings and tensions in our bodies.  The wisdom of the body and a potential for ease become available again.

In Rosen Method bodywork courses students learn to notice subtle changes in muscle tension and shifts in the breath. They are trained to recognize these as indications that the client is relaxing and becoming more aware of his or her body and internal experience. Students learn how to respond with touch and words that allow the person receiving the session to recognize what has been held down by unconscious muscle tension.

Students discover ways to apply the work to their own lives as well as the lives of their clients. During the classes, students will not only work on others but will also receive sessions. As the process unfolds, habitual tension and holding patterns may be released, freeing students (and clients) to live more fully.

We will be following pandemic guidelines for in-person trainings: all students need to be fully vaccinated, wearing masks, hand washing and social distancing when possible.  We will give further guidelines to class participants regarding protocol for safety measures when distancing is not possible for the practice of Rosen Method.