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Rosen Method: the Berkeley Center’s insightful teachings on the body/mind connection will have a profound impact on your personal and professional life.

  • UNDERSTAND the relationship between chronic muscle tension & trauma
  • RELAX muscle tension to restore resilience and confidence
  • ALLOW natural breathing, without effort
  • LISTEN to what the body knows and communicates
  • ENGAGE in a daily practice of heartfelt dialogue.

Rosen Method: the Berkeley Center offers a variety of self-development and training programs for people interested in expanding their self-awareness as well as those seeking new career paths. Training as a Rosen Method professional is designed as a program that takes several years. This allows students to fully integrate the insights and changes that they are experiencing through the work. The flexible structure for the training program is based on a linked series of training modules. Students can choose whether to continue the program at any stage, allowing freedom for individuals to experience part of the training for professional enhancement or personal growth.

The Rosen training programs are approved by the California Bureau of Private Postsecondary Education, http://BPPE.ca.gov. Continuing education units (CEUs) are available for nurses, massage therapists, and for Rosen practitioners.

Certification as a Rosen Method bodywork practitioner takes the following form: A minimum of 262 hours of classroom training programs, followed by an internship consisting of extensive practical experience with clients, supervision and consultation.

Certification as a Rosen Method Movement Teacher has the following requirements: A minimum of 125 hours of classroom training, followed by an internship consisting of practical experience teaching movement classes, supervision and class oberservations.

Training Formats

Rosen Method: the Berkeley Center offers two different training formats:  the intensive track and the weekly class.  Both formats are available for the bodywork and movement trainings.  Both formats are self-discovery methods and are available to the general public and for professional training.  The Intensive Training Track is an intense exploration of the practical and philosophical aspects of the work. The weekly class format meets once per week over the course of eight months.   There are many students who have taken elements of these training programs without intending to complete all of them or to become practitioners. Those wishing to further their experiences in this way are always welcome to participate.

First time students:  In order to enroll in an intensive or weekly class for the first time, a participant needs to:

  • attend a Rosen Introductory Workshop OR
  • attend a Rosen Holistic Anatomy or Experiential Anatomy Workshop OR
  • receive eight Rosen sessions from a certified practitioner

and fill out an application for a course and have an interview with a Rosen teacher.  In all cases, it is important that a person’s suitability be considered, given the emotional intensity of the process.


A diploma / certificate will be offered to those students who complete the training program. This diploma certifies that the student has met the standards and requirements set by the Rosen Institute (a non-profit educational corporation) for Rosen Method professionals. The Rosen Institute is an independent certifying body and does not confer any State of California licensure or other government approved certification. No representations are made that the instruction shall or may lead to any employment. Students completing the curriculum are certified as Rosen Method bodywork practitioners or movement teachers.