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About the School

ROSEN METHOD: the Berkeley Center was the first Rosen Method school in the country, established in 1982. It was founded by Marion Rosen and the students of her first class under the name of the Rosen Institute and later as ROSEN METHOD: the Berkeley Center. Marion Rosen had settled in Berkeley after she emigrated from Germany, and this city was her hometown for seventy years. She was the founder and guiding light at the Berkeley Center during its first three decades.

Rosen Method began to evolve as a style of somatic knowledge when Sara Webb asked Marion Rosen to teach the special wisdom that Marion carried with her from her education in Germany. In 1971 the mind/body connection was a new and innovative field of learning just emerging in California, largely due to the influence of the Esalen Institute. Students heard about Marion’s remarkable ability to read body language and touch the unconscious, and many sought out treatment and training with her.

Gloria Hessellund joined the team of teachers a few years later and along with several others, she carried Rosen Method to new locations abroad: in Europe, Canada and Australia. Since 1990 Gloria has been an owner of the Berkeley Center with Marion and Sara, and she has served as the Director of Teaching since 1988.
Since those early days, Rosen Method has grown and spread internationally. There are now fifteen Rosen training centers around the world. The Berkeley Center remains a flagship center, standing as the first and oldest school in the country, and it still is home base for many of the original practitioners.

Today these two, Sara Webb and Gloria Hessellund, carry on the tradition of Marion’s wisdom at the Berkeley Center with a passion for bringing the benefits of body awareness to a new generation of students.

ROSEN METHOD: the Berkeley Center has been approved as a Private Postsecondary School by the California Board of Private Postsecondary Education since 1993.