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Books about Rosen Method

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Rosen Method Bodywork: Assessing the Unconscious Through Touch

Learn how emotional and physical ailments can be addressed through the gentle touch of the Rosen practitioner in this definitive description of body-centered therapy.

The Rosen Method: Coming Alive and Staying Alive in the 21st Century

With a focus on both universal and human themes, Marilyn studies the meaning and importance of presence in the Rosen Method bodywork practice.

Touching the Body, Reaching the Soul

In Touching the Body,Reaching the Soul Sandra speaks of what it was like to share Rosen Method and how it changed her other practices.  It's so beautifully written and very simple.  She gives case studies and theories of why Rosen work can be so therapeutic.  It's a great book as an intro to Marion Rosen's work.