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Rosen Movement


Marion Rosen at 97: Finding a New Life Later in Life

BY MARA LYNN KELLER and SARA WEBB for Poetics of Aging Journal - Online (2011)

Rosen Method Bodywork: Practice and Science

BY ALAN FOGEL, PhD (November 2011)

The Brain and Bodywork: Exploring Pain Through Body Sense

BY ALAN FOGEL for Massage & Bodywork (March/April 2011)

Holding Patterns

BY DIANA HEIL for The Santa Fe New Mexican (May 2005)

Rosen Method Heals From the Outside In

BY EMILY WEST for The Santa Barbara Independent (March 2005)

Rosen Method: A Listening Hand

BY LIBBY GUSTIN and ANDREW GUSTIN for Massage & Bodywork (April/May 2004)

Boundaries: Boring or Beautiful?

BY SARA WEBB for the Rosen Method Professional Association Newsletter (Fall 2002)

Rosen Method: Hands That ‘Listen’

BY ANTJE DEPONTE for The Monterey County Herald (March 2002)