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Talk About Rosen Method

Video produced by Patricia Angelina
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Interview with Annabelle Apison

An exclusive interview with Annabelle Apsion. Click title for all three videos.

Marion Rosen – Personal History

Marion Rosen explains the story of her life – her leaving Germany and coming to US and starting Rosen Method.

Introduction to Talk About Rosen Method

Series of interviews with professional and very experienced Rosen bodywork practitioners and movement teachers who have come from a background in the healing arts and/or academia.

Interview with Theresa Garcia

Theresa is a senior Rosen Method movement teacher and a Rosen Method bodywork practitioner. The interview explains the importance of Rosen movement and how is it different from other movement modalities.

An Interview with Marion Rosen (Part 1)

Marion Rosen is the founder of the Rosenmethod. She is 95 years old and has been 70 years in professional bodywork. She represents long term...
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