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Rosen Method Bodywork: Assessing the Unconscious Through Touch

Rosen Method Bodywork by Marion Rosen by Susan Brenner

by Marion Rosen and Sue Brenner, with a forward by Claudio Naranjo

In this definitive description of the body-centered therapy developed by Marion Rosen, the reader begins to understand how emotional and physical ailments can be addressed through the gentle touch of the Rosen practitioner. Rosen explains how the practitioner identifies tensions in the body that point to the source of a problem and how that awareness guides the healing process. With the help of psychotherapist Susan Brenner, the director of Rosen Center East and one of Marion’s first students, she describes the origins of her method; how people reveal their emotions in body postures; barriers they set up to love, self-expression, and intimacy, and how Rosen work enables a client to move beyond these barriers. Treatments for asthma, migraine headaches, heart problems, weak immune systems, and psychosomatic illnesses are chronicled. Essays by doctors, psychologists, and Rosen practitioners describe how this method of touch, words, and acceptance guides their work, and complete this remarkable tribute to a visionary woman.

Editorial Reviews from the Publisher

“Marion Rosen’s ‘power of gentleness’ expresses what we’ve all felt in this universally loved woman. Marion shares with C.G. Jung a deep respect for the wisdom and self-healing tendencies of both psyche and body.”

— Kay Bradway, Jungian analyst
and co-founder of the C.G. Jung Institute, San Francisco

“Marion Rosen’s approach suggests ways of meditation-in-relationship using skillful touch. It is clearly related to earlier approaches to emotional healing—notably Reichan work—that allow the person’s deeper self to emerge by assisting in the dissolution of the “character armor.” Her book will help the growth of her seminal work and benefit our problematic world.”

— From the Foreword by Claudio Naranjo, M.D.,
author of Character and Neurosis: An Integrative View


136 Pages, 7.1″ x 9″

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