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Diversity Scholarship


We’ve had an amazing offer to match any donation up to $3,000, so if we reach our goal we could have $6,000 for the Diversity Scholarship. These donations are specifically for students at Rosen Method: the Berkeley Center, administered by the Rosen Method Foundation, a not-for-profit 501(3)c charitable organization in California. This is a great way to get tax-deductible donations for 2020.

Your support is a crucial investment in the quality of the Rosen Method programs, and will give some new student an opportunity to study Rosen Method who otherwise couldn’t afford it. And your donation will make a difference to everyone in Rosen by raising awareness of the value of diversity.

All donations are tax-deductible and go to the Rosen Method Foundation

If you are a practitioner, perhaps you can donate the value of one of your sessions? If you are a student, graduate or other friend of Rosen, we hope you will make a generous contribution to the scholarship fund, whatever that may be according to your budget. Large or small, your donation will go a long way to helping someone study Rosen Method, since the Berkeley Center matches every donation with an equal waiver of tuition.

Rosen Method founder, Marion Rosen, was passionate about increasing the diversity of the Rosen bodywork and movement community to better reflect the composition of our increasingly diverse society. She hoped to eliminate some disparities in the school’s ability to offer opportunities to under-represented and underserved communities. Marion understood that diversity is a deep process of recognizing where we stop being openhearted and where we limit and constrict our acceptance of others. It involves learning to celebrate difference — in the classroom, with our clients, and in all of life. This process extends beyond gender, class and race to every kind of difference, personal and social. This is why diversity work is not just a side issue in Rosen, but at the very heart of it.

The Diversity Fund of the Rosen Method Foundation was started at Marion’s request as a way to establish a legacy on her 80th birthday. Since that beautiful celebration in 1994, the Rosen Method Diversity Fund — through generous donations from Rosen practitioners, clients and friends — has provided over one hundred scholarships to aspiring students of Rosen, and continues to raise more money for scholarships every year!

To qualify for a scholarship, a prospective student must be committed to studying Rosen Method bodywork or movement, bring a level of diversity to the Rosen community, and demonstrate financial need.  

If a sizable donation is beyond your means for 2020, you can still help by pledging a smaller gift or by passing this message along to your clients and community. You can even provide a link to the scholarship information on your Facebook or Linked-In page or other social media: https://charity.gofundme.com/o/en/campaign/matching-grant-challenge-rosen-method-the-berkeley-center

By broadening our educational program, Rosen Method will stay current with new trends in a multicultural society, and all our graduates will be better able to serve the diverse clienteles of the future. Join us in furthering a Rosen community that is multicultural, inclusive and one that embodies Marion’s vision. We have had a generous offer from the community to match any donation up to $3,000. Please help us in reaching this goal!