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Upcoming Bodywork and Movement Classes

InstructorSara Webb
TypeOnsite Course
DateOct 7, 2019 - Dec 2, 2019
PlaceHeart Source Studios,1600 Shattuck Ave in Berkeley
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Rosen Method Bodywork Fall Weekly Class

This weekly training course will use the power of touch, words and awareness to discover the body’s wisdom. Open to people who want to learn how to give and receive the quality of touch and engagement offered by Rosen Method. Over the 38 years that this class has been offered, a variety of people have benefited — ranging from health care professionals to those engaged in a focused effort of self-development. This course is taught by the executive director of the school, Sara Webb, and she brings extensive experience to guiding students to a deeper understanding of the body’s language. Webb was a close colleague of Marion Rosen’s for many years. Charity Martin will be co-teaching the course with Sara Webb as a teacher candidate. Martin is a Rosen practitioner in San Francisco and a mindfulness and meditation teacher for many years. The presentation of a typical Rosen class includes: demonstration, supervision, sharing circle, Rosen Method guided movements, hands-on exchange between students. This course counts toward certification as a Rosen Method bodywork practitioner and is equivalent to one Rosen Method Intensive. For first-time participants, an application process is required. It takes place on nine Mondays, 4:30 pm to 9:30 pm.  First class is Monday October...
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InstructorSara Webb
TypeOnsite Course
DateOct 26, 2019
Time10 am to 4 pm
Place1450 Cornell Ave, Berkeley
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Rosen Method Introductory Workshop

This one-day workshop will introduce you to the basic principles of Marion Rosen’s understanding of the body. It will guide you through the process of hands-on learning to enable you to touch with depth and without using effort. It will show how the breath can be an indicator in the body of deep changes in states of mind. It is a reflection of emotional opening. Activities of the course include demonstrations of the bodywork, Rosen Method movement and hands-on exchanges between students. Sara Webb is the senior teacher for this course and has more than 30 years experience providing the opportunity for a new direction in life through Rosen Method. Carolyn Chan, a long-time occupational therapist and Rosen practitioner, will be co-teaching.
InstructorRosen Method
TypeOnsite Course
DateNov 17, 2019 - Nov 17, 2019
PlaceLittle Brown Church, Pacifica Historical Society, 1850 Francisco Blvd, Pacifica, CA
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Movement Teacher Peer Gathering

Come and connect with your peers. It’s important to remember why we do this work and who loves it as much as we do. Share, Play, Eat and Enjoy! Nothing too complicated. Hope to see you there!
TypeOnsite Course
DateDec 8, 2019 - Dec 15, 2019
Time9:30 to 4:30
Place1645 Fourth St, Berkeley
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Winter Solstice Bodywork Intensive

Winter Solstice Intensive Taught by Gloria Hessellund and Bill Samsel. Rosen Method is grounded in the physical reality of the way the body functions, and also reaches the emotional and spiritual aspects of being human. The insightful teachings of this course on the body/mind connection will result in a profound impact on your personal and professional life. The Intensive is one component of a complete training program in Rosen Method bodywork. It is open to both career-track students and those who are interested in personal growth. The course runs Sunday to Sunday, 9:30 to 4:30, with Thursday as the day off. For first-time participants, an application process is required. A late fee of $50 is added for registration after November 15. With all classes if you cancel with under 2 months before start of class you will lose a deposit of $250.  
InstructorTheresa Garcia
TypeOnsite Course
DateJan 25, 2020 - Jan 29, 2020
Time9:45 am to 4 pm
PlaceNoe Valley Ministry 1021 Sanchez St, San Francisco, CA 94114
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Winter Movement Intensive

How we move matters. Come move and be moved! The essence of Rosen Method is to encourage freedom of movement by gently and playfully getting us to move beyond unconscious attitudes and beliefs. When we move in accordance with our natural structure, we cultivate the experience of joy and vitality.Rosen Movement is deeply restorative because it cultivates body awareness and reconnect us with ourselves, with those around us, and with our environment. In addition, it is helpful in preventing injuries and reducing chronic tension. The Intensive workshop will be led with the expert guidance of three senior teachers: Theresa Garcia, Kate O’Shea, and Karen Peters. Each day will include movement classes taught by master teachers, sharing circles that allow for connection and community, movement anatomy that you can bring into your everyday life, and much more.This course is designed for people who are looking for health and well-being, for those wanting to enhance their professional bodywork, and those looking for certification as a Rosen Method Movement Teacher. For first-time participants, an application process is required. Continuing education credit available for nurses and massage therapists. Tuition is $700 and $420 reviewers fee (reviewers pay 60% of tuition and need to pay by calling the office or pay directly sending payment to paypal at rosenmethod@sbcglobal.net). There’s a 30-day registration due date...
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InstructorSara Webb
TypeOnsite Course
DateJun 21, 2020 - Jun 28, 2020
Timefirst day starts at 4 pm
PlacePenngrove, CA
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Residential Bodywork Training at Cold Springs Retreat Center

This summer the Residential Retreat is taking place at a new venue in Sonoma County in Penngrove, California. The teachers, Sara Webb and Coteacher to be announced, are continuing a tradition that Marion Rosen embraced — sharing Rosen Method in a beautiful setting surrounded by flowering gardens and rolling golden hills. A Rosen Intensive is a remarkable opportunity to learn this bodywork in an in-depth format over a seven-day period. Rosen Method develops your capacity for self-awareness through gentle direct touch, joyful movement, and dialog. We will explore the essence of Marion Rosen’s understanding of the body-mind connection through demonstrations, shared discussion and supervised practice. The Intensive offers the possibility to learn in an environment of natural beauty, transformation and community. It is one component of a complete training program in Rosen Method bodywork. This course is open to both career-track students and those who are interested in personal growth. Sara Webb is one of the directors of the Rosen Berkeley Center, and she was Marion Rosen’s first student! She has practiced and taught Rosen Method all her professional life. Cassie has been a Rosen Method practitioner since 2007 and continues to be inspired by the transformation that can occur through the deep listening...
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