InstructorSara Webb
TypeOnsite Course
DateJan 18, 2020 - Jan 18, 2020
PlaceRainbow Heart Studio, 1450 Cornell Ave, Berkeley
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Come join us for an afternoon of sharing and experiencing Rosen Method Bodywork!

Receive a Rosen Method bodywork session and participate in a conversation about Rosen Method Bodywork with Sara Webb, Charlie Metzler and the current Rosen Interns.

Time slots for sessions are at 1pm and 3pm, so you send in your payment and we will email you to schedule your session.

Rosen Method bodywork is distinguished by its gentle, direct touch. Using hands that listen rather than manipulate, the practitioner focuses on chronic muscle tension. As relaxation occurs and the breath deepens, unconscious feelings, attitudes, and memories may emerge. The Rosen bodywork practitioner has been trained to notice subtle changes in muscle tension and shifts in the breath, and to acknowledge the responses with touch and words. As this process unfolds, habitual tension and old patterns may be released, freeing the client to experience more aliveness, new choices in life, and a greater sense of well-being. 

Rosen Method bodywork is often used by people who are looking for relief from headaches, back pain, muscle tension, joint pain, injuries, insomnia, and chronic conditions like asthma and chronic fatigue. The work can be supportive for people seeking emotional healing and dealing with memories stored in the body.

Time slots for sessions are at 1 pm and again at 3 pm, so send in your payment and we will email you to schedule your session.