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Upcoming Bodywork and Movement Classes
InstructorSara Webb
DateApr 17, 2017 - Jun 19, 2017
PlaceRainbow Heart Studio 1450 Cornell Ave, Berkeley

Bodywork Weekly Class (Mondays)

This weekly training course will use the power of touch, words and awareness to discover the body’s wisdom. Open to people who want to learn how to give and receive the quality of touch and engagement offered by Rosen Method. Over the 32 years this class has been offered, a variety of people have benefited -- ranging from those employed in hands-on health care to those engaged in a focused effort of self-development. The Executive Director of the school, Sara Webb, has been teaching this course since 1983, and she brings extensive experience to guiding students to a deep understanding of the body's language. The scope of a typical class includes: demonstration, supervision, sharing circle, Rosen Method guided movements, hands-on exchange between students. This course counts toward certification as a Rosen Method bodywork practitioner and is equivalent to one Rosen Method Intensive. For first-time participants, an application process is required. It takes place on nine Mondays, 4:30 pm to 9:30 pm and one Saturday, May 6. Registrations are due by April 1, and students can still apply with a late fee of $50 after that.
DateApr 2, 2017 - Apr 9, 2017
Place1645 4th St., Berkeley

Spring Renewal Intensive

Join Senior Teacher Gloria Hessellund and Meg Butler, teacher candidate, for an exploration of the body and psyche, as you learn to make contact and connection through touch. These teachers will guide you on a special journey of inner discovery and somatic training.  Gloria Hessellund was part of the development of the early training programs with Marion Rosen, and she brings many years of experience in training Rosen students worldwide. This seven-day course will be held in Berkeley and is open to new and continuing students. A special reminder to Rosen interns and practitioners: If you are ready to continue your study of Rosen, this course is a rich source of ways to go deeper with clients and to rStaff-Gloria_Hessellundenew your own relationship to the work. An application process is required and registration should be complete by March 14. After that, a late fee of $50 will be added.        
InstructorSara Webb
DateMay 13, 2017
Place1450 Cornell Ave, Berkeley

Rosen Method Workshop

This one-day workshop will introduce you to the basics principles of Marion Rosen's understanding of the body. It will guide you through the process of hands-on learning to enable you to touch with depth and without using effort. It will show how the breath can be an indicator in the body of deep changes in states of mind. It is a reflection of emotional opening. Activities of the course include demonstrations of the bodywork, Rosen Method movement and hands-on exchanges between students. Sara Webb is the senior teacher for this course and has more than 30 years experience providing the opportunity for a new direction in life through Rosen Method. Carolyn Chan will be her co-teacher. Carolyn is a Rosen practitioner, an occupational therapist and a long-time student of Marion Rosen's work. She is in training now as a workshop teacher. Sara 2:08g