InstructorSara Webb
DateJun 17, 2017
Time10 am to 4 pm
Place1450 Cornell Ave, Berkeley

This one-day workshop will introduce you to the basics principles of Marion Rosen’s understanding of the body. It will guide you through the process of hands-on learning to enable you to touch with depth and without using effort. It will show how the breath can be an indicator in the body of deep changes in states of mind. It is a reflection of emotional opening. Activities of the course include demonstrations of the bodywork, Rosen Method movement and hands-on exchanges between students.

Sara Webb is the senior teacher for this course and has more than 30 years experience providing the opportunity for a new direction in life through Rosen Method. Carolyn Chan will be her co-teacher. Carolyn is a Rosen practitioner, an occupational therapist and a long-time student of Marion Rosen’s work. She is in training now as a workshop teacher.

Sara 2:08g